How We Build

Building a home or a commercial space can be a long, eventful process -- and there may be possible pitfalls along the way. Having a company that not only understands these concerns, but can relate to all aspects on a personable level should not be a luxury, but a necessity. Structures' works hard to ensure a happy outcome, and is why Structures' clients are among our biggest fans.


Custom built Farmhouse in Roanoke, Va

At Structures we take construction one step further. We believe that the construction process actually begins with you. We welcome you to share your creativity with us. At Structures we understand that your new renovation, home or business should reflect your standards, your taste, your budget and your ideas. Drawing from years of experience, we are here to guide you through the process. Together, our team of contractors, project managers, office staff and professionals will work with you to create a home or business that will be uniquely yours.

Why Choose Us?

Structures brings to the owner the value of knowing an anticipated cost early in the construction process. Combining the value of project planning, cost of construction and single-source of responsibility, Structures offers a greater value for construction due to the streamlining of processes.

Research by the Project Delivery Institute confirms that Design/Build is faster, less costly and results in higher owner satisfaction. On average, this research shows that projects delivered under Design/Build took 33.5% less time to deliver and had a unit cost 6.1% less than similar projects delivered under Design/Bid/Build.

  • Structures has developed a simple four-step process that provides for the most efficient way to develop, construct, and complete your project.

    Our Step by Step Process
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  • Our Green Process

    Our Step by Step Process